Visiting Flinthill:

If you can come to our kennel you are cordially invited to see our dogs and puppies (by appointment only please, that way you don't miss us).  We ask that if you are planning to visit more than one kennel on the same day, that you visit us first.  No one that has been to another kennel on the same day will be allowed to see our puppies for safty sake, unless you take a "bleach" bath first. :-)
Puppy Buyer Requirements:


Our puppies are released on an individual basis depending on how they are doing, their litter size, when they start to eat on their own, and lastly how they react to their puppy shots.  Generally, puppies go home between 8 to 10 weeks.  This is only if the puppy is completely ready to go and the environment where the puppy is going is a safe and secure one.  Occasionally we have an older puppy available due to someone changing their mind as to color, patteren, quality or sex.  These puppies usually have a better defined temperament and still adjust very well to new environments.

Our puppies receive a minimum of two shots prior to going home.  We use Fort Dodge Duramune Max 5-CvK vaccine.  We give shots at 6, 8, 12 and 16 weeks.  If a puppy goes home at 8 weeks we still recommend it get another shot at 12 weeks and 16 weeks.  After a pup is a year old, it requires an annual booster.  Our puppies are wormed prior to going home.  We worm all puppies with Nemex ll at 5 and 7 weeks. 
Health Guarantee:

We guarantee all puppies to be healthy when they leave our kennel.  If you receive a puppy from us and an health problem develops within 48 hours, you must contact us regarding the problem.  We cannot be responsible for veterinary costs not approved prior to treatment.  If your puppy should die within 7 days of leaving our kennel due to Parvo or Distemper (autopsy report required), we will replace it with a like quality puppy.  Any puppy which dies due to a genetic defect within 12 months after purchase will be replaced free of charge (except shipping, health certificate and handling fee).  This will be done if your veterinarian attributes death to a genetic deformity in an autopsy and sends the findings of the autopsy to us.  The autopsy shall be at the owners expense.

All parents of our puppies are in superb health.  We OFA certify (see all our dogs at 24 months of age.  On occasion, if a male is bred prior to 24 months, the x-rayed hips are evaluated by our Veterinarian and myself to ensure there is no sign of hip dysplasia.  All our dogs have their eyes cleared, free of eye defects, by a certified opthamologist annually.
All puppies will have their eyes examined by a certified opthamologist prior to leaving our kennel.  The Buyer will be given a copy of the original exam.

Puppies-$800.00 - $1500.00         Show/ Breeding Quality Adults - $1200.00 & up

All show/breeding prospect pups are sold on co-ownership until a title has been attained.  Acceptable titles are:  AKC or ASCA Championship, Obedience CDX or AKC equivalent,  Open Herding (ducks, sheep, or cattle), Open Agility.

All pet quality pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract.

A deposit of $200.00 will hold the puppy of your choice until it is old enough to leave the kennel.  No puppy is reserved until we receive a deposit on it, first come first serve.  A deposit is not refundable.  We will return a deposit, in the event a litter does not occur, if the deposit is sent  to us prior to the litter being whelped.
Method of Payment:

All puppies leaving our home must be paid for in full prior to leaving.  If you are coming to pick up  your puppy/dog at our home, we accept Cash (U.S. currency only), Cashier's Check or Money Order (ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS).  For out of town customers, we will accept a Certified Check or Money Order for the total perchase price plus shipping costs prior to the puppy/dog being shipped.

Photos of puppies or parents can be sent to you via e-mail for free and upon request.  Or we can send you photos by U.S. Postal for the cost of $1.00 each to help with cost of processing and mailing.

Personally, we would rather not ship our puppies. If at all possible we encourage buyers to come and pick up their pup.  It is much easier to transport a pup as "baggage" <g>.

If we have to ship a puppy we prefer to ship about 10 weeks of age.
Something also to consider..........every case of air shipping causes some form of shipping stress.  Generally there are just a few days of adjustment, possibly a mild case of sniffles, sometimes diarrhea.  All puppies that are shipped are health certified prior to being shipped.

Air Freight: $200.00 to $900.00 depending on airline, destination and type of service.  The airline           that ship out of Reno, NV is,  Continental (prefered). Or out of Elko, NV is Skywest Delta connection
Heath Certificate (required):  $45.00
AKC Registration w/certified pedigree$32.00
Rabies Vaccine (if required by your country):  $18.00
Import Certificate required by country
Airline approved carrier$65.00 to $ 85.00 For this we provide a good quality carrier that your puppy won't outgrow when it's a dog.  If you already have one you may send it to us via U.P.S. or Parcel          post for less than $20.00.
Handling Fee:  Due to the increase in gas prices - $75.00 round-trip to Reno/Tahoe International Airport which is a 5 hour round trip from our house.  $75.00 round-trip to Elko International which is about a 4 hour round trip from our house.